7 Residential Little Rock Roofing Repair Tips

By June 27, 2016 October 12th, 2017 Roofing Tips

It goes without saying that some roof repair jobs should be strictly carried out by professionals. However, this is no way meant that you cannot apply some Do-It-Yourself knowledge if matters need your attention. If you are about to embark upon the task of repairing a roof, the following repair tips will definitely apply and help:

Safety 101

Working on a roof is risky business and if you are going to embark on the climb, at the very minimum ensure that you have a roof ladder that comes with a bracket. This bridges the ridge of the roof and provides you some degree of stability.

Dry Rot

Contrary to what you may think, rot may not be related to water damage at all. Dry rot results from lack of ventilation. Install a ridge vent with your soffit vent. You’ll drill holes into your soffit vent so that cool air comes up through the bottom. This will push the hot air out and keep it ventilated.

Shingle Removal

If you have a shingle or tile that is in need of repair, it’s possible to take care of this yourself. If it is s clay tile, simply slide it down from the tile above it and make that replacement. If it’s a shingle, the process might be a bit more complicated. You will need to get a hacksaw and cut the edge of this shingle. Get a pair of pliers and pull the edge of the shingle – it will disengage from the roof and you can replace it.

Shingle Bar

In the event that a storm has damaged your roof, you will need to ensure that further damage is prevented. To do this, get some aluminum flashing and some roofing cement. Place the flashing at the point where the ripped tab of the shingle is destroyed and glue it onto the surface.

Peeling Masonry

This is a problem that affects many chimneys. When the paintwork of your chimney continually peels, this means that moisture is working itself from the inside of the chimney to the outside. To tackle these issues, purchase a rain cap. This has the benefit of ensuring that the issue of peeling paintwork is taken care of once and for all.

Finding a Leak

A leaking roof can be a huge annoyance. The first step to fixing the leak is to find where the leak is. Take a garden hose up to the roof and simply start spraying to find the leak.

Clogged Gutters

Staying on the topic of leaking roofs, preventing them is even more important. Clogged gutters are a very common cause of a leaking roof. The leaves and debris that build up prevent the water from draining, and therefore it builds up and ends up damaging the roof, resulting in a leak. Clean your gutters regularly.

These are some DIY strategies that you can apply when you are facing a roofing crisis that may not need the attention of a professional roofer. There do exist issues that will need the immediate attention of a qualified Little Rock roof repair contractor – sinking roofs, persistent leaks, decaying roofs, etc. Also, many smaller projects can simply be time-consuming. If there is a major issue with your roof, or a problem you’re unsure of, be sure to call a professional roofer like Riley Hays Roofing and Construction at 501-747-1400. They will come out, examine the issue and provide you with a free estimate before any work is done.