7 Tips For Roof Leak Repair

By February 20, 2017 September 26th, 2017 Roofing Tips

Roof damage is one of the things that every homeowner will have to deal with. If not fixed quickly, leaks can let water into the interior part of the house, therefore, affecting the value of the home and destroying personal belongings. Knowing how to go about with your repairs will help because it can help reduce the costs that you will spend with roof leak repair. Here are 7 leak roof repair tips that can be of help to you.

1. Safety comes first Working on a roof comes with some dangers, therefore, making it important to exercise caution. Make sure that repairs on your roof are done in dry days when the roof is totally dry. The roofer should use safety ropes and shoes. It’s also of vital importance to take into consideration the exact location of power lines on the roof.

2. Point out the exact location of the leakage

There are many ways of checking for damage and leaks on your roof. This should be done while on the ground before a roof leak repair contractors climb up the roof. You should also climb the roof and mark the specific areas where leaks occur. Other things that you should check for are missing shingles, observe air conditioning systems and vents and look for signs of algae. Make sure that you check the metallic areas for rust. Let someone remain inside the house as you run a water horse over the roof.

3. Get the surface ready

Make sure that the areas marked for repairs are clean, completely dry and don’t have contamination. If this is not done, the likelihood of getting quality repairs is reduced considerably.

4. Fixing curled, missing or damaged shingles

Straighten curled shingles, but if it’s during winter, you may need to straighten then by using an electric hair dryer. You can use roof cement to reattach the shingles that have been straightened.

5. Repairing blisters and cracks

For blisters, cut it with a utility knife and ensure the water is squeezed out. It’s imperative to exercise care so that you don’t cut the substrate that’s underneath. You can then spread roof cement on the material before driving nails into it. You should cover the nail head with cement.

6. Repairing damaged shakes

Damaged shakes should be split by using a hammer and chisel. Get out the pieces and pry out the nails that had been used. Cut a new shake with a saw and slide it slowly into the place. Drive two nails into the surface before sealing the nails with a caulking compound.

7. Repairing connections

You will need to reapply caulk if the chimney or vent pipe is damaged. However, the boots or flashing should be replaced if damage is noted.

Regardless of the nature of repairs which you would want carried out on your roof, working with a reputable contractor is highly advisable. Also, by following the above roof leak repair tips, you can achieve your roof repair goals safely and effectively. Fortunately, there are many reputable contractors who can offer you a high-quality roofing service.