9 Ways To Compare Roofers In Little Rock

By August 15, 2016 July 25th, 2017 Little Rock Roofing

The roof is possibly the most vital part of a building, yet it is often neglected and overlooked during normal maintenance and inspections. Most homeowners and building managers give little to no thought to the roof until a leak is discovered, a bad storm blows off the shingles, or something else happens. If you have been neglecting your roof and it is now time to give it some tender love and care, keep these tips handy as you begin looking for a Little Rock roofer to work for you.

1. Have a written contract. Make sure that you have everything in writing and ensure that the terms and agreements are in writing and signed and properly documented before any work begins on your roof.

2. Get an estimate beforehand. An estimate and the bid amount should also be in writing – additionally, make sure you get an itemized listing of what is being done and what factors into the final bill.

3. Check references and credentials. You are trusting a roofer to do a good job to protect your home or business, so make sure they are as skilled, experienced, and recommended as they claim. Ask for references and the check them out prior to letting any work be done.

4. Ask to see proof of coverage. It is also important to make sure that the roofing company you are using is properly licensed and insured so you are not held responsible for accidents or injuries that may occur while they are working on your roof.

5. Never pay up front. It is normal for a roofer to ask for a small down payment so supplies can be purchase and they can begin the work. However, you should not pay the total amount up front and a reputable roofer will never ask for full payment before the work is completed.

6. Hold onto that last payment. Many roofers will ask to be paid in installments as each phase of work is completed. This is normal and acceptable because it allows work to continue smoothly. The last payment must be held onto until all work has been done and you the owner are satisfied and the roofer has fulfilled all items agreed to in the written contract.

7. Look for multiple bids. Check out several roofers and ask for bids from several companies before making a final decision. The first one you find may not be the best deal or the best company. But also remember that often times you get what you pay for so don’t let cost be the final deciding factor.

8. Check the codes. While the roofer should know the local codes and regulations, it is your responsibility to make sure all codes and regulations are being followed. Otherwise, you may be paying for roof work that is not up to code and must be torn down-a major waste of time and money!

9. Be smart.  Use common sense when looking for a roofer. If something sound too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and be smart about your choice.

Having roof repairs work done is a big job, so make sure you put in the time and effort that is necessary to find the best roofer in Little Rock for the work you need done! Learn more and contact Riley Hays Roofing & Construction today.