Financing Provided with GreenSky®

To apply for financing please follow the instructions below. Please know there will be fees added to the loan amount. Please review the plans we offer and be sure to call our office to get the fees added into the loan or else they will need to be paid out of pocket.

We will give you the final number so you can apply depending on the plan you choose.

• Apply online: or download the Greensky app on your phone

• Use our Dealer ID= Merchant ID (81046941) and the Dealer passcode= Billing Zip Code (72211)

• Enter Register User information to make an account.

• Create username with email and a 4-digit pin.

• Upon making an account start a new application.

Plans we offer:

• Plan 2521: 12 month No interest No Payments. After 12 months interest rate is 17.99% – 26.99%. Total Payments: 84 months. Financing Fee: 7.25%

• Plan 2631: 18 Month, No interest with payments. After 18 months interest rate is 17.99% – 26.99% Total Payments: 84 months. Financing Fee: 8.00%

• Plan 2740: Reduced Rate Interest Rate Interest is reduced to 9.99% for finance term of 96 months. Financing Fee: 1.75%

Once approved: You will receive a 16-digit MasterCard Number, CVV and exp date. This is called a “Shopping Pass”. We will process 100% of the loan once the job is complete. Please fill out the Deferred Interest Leave Behind. Give your project manager the Shopping pass and any forms that have not been submitted to Greensky.

501-725-0778   |   13423 Kanis Road, Little Rock, Arkansas 72211