Central Arkansas Clay Roofing

Clay tiles are an aesthetically pleasing, thermally-efficient roofing option. With proper care, clay roofs can last for years and add stylistic flair to your home. The experienced team at Riley Hays Roofing & Construction can answer any questions that you may have about clay roofing tiles, including how they compare to other roofing systems, and help you choose the best roofing system for your home.


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Benefits of Clay Roofing Tiles

Clay roofing tiles are created by baking molded clay. They are a durable roofing option that can withstand high temperatures and harsh weather and require minimal maintenance. Clay roofing tiles come in a variety of colors, profiles, and styles to create a seamless, custom finish.

1. Long-Lasting

Clay roofing tiles are durable and made to withstand severe temperatures and weather. Unlike traditional roofing systems, which last for 20-30 years on average, clay roofing systems can last for up to 100 years.

2. Low Maintenance

All roofing systems require annual maintenance, but clay roofing systems tend to have fewer issues than traditional roofing systems, saving you time and money.

3. Thermally Efficient

Clay tiles are resistant to strong winds and fire, and because of the way that they are shaped and installed, can help insulate your home from extreme hot and cold temperatures.

4. Weather Resistant

Traditional roof tiles expand and contract under extreme weather conditions, but clay roofing tiles are built to withstand the most severe hot and cold temperatures.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

Clay roofing tiles come in a variety of styles, from Spanish/barrel style to Imperial and Artisan, and are available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to easily match your clay roofing system to the existing design features of your home.

Arkansas Clay Roofing Contractors

Clay roofing tiles are heavy and durable and require special tools, materials, and a keen eye for detail to securely and properly install. 

Riley Hays Roofing is knowledgeable in the best methods for installing clay roofing systems and is available to answer any questions that you might have about the process. We are dedicated to using the highest quality clay roofing tiles, suggesting the best styles for your home, and doing everything possible to ensure the best results for your installation.

Warranties on Clay Roofing Projects

Riley Hays Roofing and Construction is certified by Mule-Hide Products as a warranty-eligible contractor. As certified contractors, our warranties for materials and installations vary between 10-30 years depending on the materials, mileage, and square footage of the project. We are proud of the work we provide to our clients and are always looking for ways to improve our services.


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