Riley Hays Is Your Local Roofer In Little Rock

By January 23, 2017 July 25th, 2017 Little Rock Roofing

Riley Hays provides quality roof repairs and installations in the Little Rock, AR area. Whether you need an entirely new roof or your roof needs to be repaired, Riley Hays will offer from installation shingle all the way to exacting standards. This is done by the highly trained staff and so you can trust that your roof is in good hands. This ensures that you receive full benefits that are intended.

Benefits of Riley Hays

· 1. They have highly qualified roofers to handle the installation process.

· 2. They have ongoing training which makes the roofers better.

· 3. You can trust their expertise.

· 4. It consists of one stop shopping for several projects.

· 5. There are exceptional warranties with all new roofs.

· 6. Roof repair buys you much time.

Riley Hays has an open line of communication which is key to any relationship. It answers your inquiries in a timely manner. They understand that information is key in maintaining reputation that exists.

Steps to hire roofing contractors

1. 1. Get in Touch with the roofers

This is the first step. You can contact roofers through phone, email or by personal visit. The agents will instruct on all the required documentation and also will provide plan options, roofing selection and budget range according to your preference.

2. 2. You will receive a visit After the initial handshake to inspect the property and to confirm the details that were spoken of.

3. 3. Contractors will then carry out the roof replacement for your property. They will arrive early and will ensure no disturbance within the interior premises 4. 4. You will be invited to inspect the roof once the job has been done.

Roofing tips

The following tips will definitely apply and help:

1. Safety priority

Working on a roof is risky. Ensure that you have a roof ladder that comes with a bracket if you are going to embark on the climb. This bridges the ridge of the roof and provides you stability.

2. Shingle Removal

In case you have a tile that needs to be repaired, it is important to take care of this yourself. You can simply slide it down from the tile above it if it is s clay tile and make that replacement. The process might be a bit more complicated if it is a shingle. You will need a hacksaw to remove the edge of the shingle and then get a pair of pliers to pull the edge of the shingle. It will detach from the roof and you can then replace it.

3. Dry Rot

Dry rot results from lack of proper ventilation and not water damage. Install a ridge vent. You will drill holes into your soffit vent for cool air to rise up through the bottom. Hot air will be pushed out to keep it ventilated.

4. Shingle Bar

In case a storm has damaged your roof, you will need to prevent further damage by getting some roofing cement and aluminum flashing. Place the flashing at the point at which the ripped tab of the shingle is damaged and apply glue onto the surface.

Products/services offered

Riley Hays provides various services that make them the obvious choice for all exterior needs. The following are the list of services.

Residential Roofing

Commercial Roofing

Gutter Systems

Siding Installation


Roof Repairs

Industrial Roofing


General Construction

Insurance Claims

Attic Ventilation

Shingle Roofing

Cool Roof Installation

Roof Inspections