When Is It Time For Roof Replacement?

By November 22, 2016 July 25th, 2017 Little Rock Roofing

Roof Replacement Warning Signs

A roof is a crucial part of the home; if it is not functioning correctly or in dire need of replacement and goes unnoticed it could possibly destroy your home. When it comes to roof replacement this process can be quite worrisome and frustrating. Nevertheless, the important thing that homeowners should consider if they are facing issues with their roofs is, “How do I know if my roof needs to be replaced?” This is a question that should be taken seriously, because a roof can endure wear and tears over a period of time and may need to be replaced. In this article, I am going to provide you with details and steps on how to find out if your roof needs to replaced.

Internal Roof Examination

An evaluation is highly recommended, it will most likely provide you with the answers you need. The first step would be to get an effective working flashlight that will make visible all nooks and crevices that need to be evaluated. If you can access your roof from your attic this is also a benefit because it makes it easier for a homeowner to access their roof through an easy process to their attic. If your home does not provide an attic to access your roof, this is something you also want to think hard on, no attic access to roof can make it harder to access and you may want to call in a professional who specializes in roof services to eliminate critical accidents.

Once you have accessed your attic and have in handy an effective quality flashlight you can began to thoroughly evaluate your roof to see if it needs to be replaced.

Light Seeping In From Outside – Once, you are in the attic and you notice light seeping in before you have turned your flashlight. Then that is an indication that there are open crevices, holes or nooks in your roof, this is not a good sign because then your roof is open to rain, snow, critters and more. If this is so, you should contact a professional roof expert right away, the earlier you notice the problem the better for you. This will help you to tackle the problem immediately so that a small issue does not trigger into a bigger issue that will gradually cost more than repairing the roof.

Unevenly Droopy AreasIf you notice certain parts of your roof are uneven or droopy, then this also means you should consult a professional roof expert. Hence, uneven and drooping areas are critical signs, which mean there may be structural issues.

Discoloration Spots Discoloration spots are also an indication that your roof needs to be replaced, as this could mean there is molding issues. Molding on the roof can be a serious issue as it can be a health concern and can damage the interior of your home.

Visible Water Leakage If you spot water leaking from the roof you should definitely call a professional immediately as this can cause flooding of the home and other critical issues.

Outside Roof Evaluation

Check For Damage Check thoroughly for cracks, shingle splits, or tile breakage. Over the years, your roof can obtain wear and tear if you notice this is a clear indication as well for roof replacement.
Check For Moisture and Water Leakage – Moisture and water leakage on the outside is just as critical on the outside as it can trigger mold that can be harmful for both your health and your home.

Evaluate For Shingle Damage Over the years, your shingles can also obtain wear and tear.

Check Your Gutters Drainage Check to make sure your gutters are connected correctly and that the water is flowing through the correct components.

Advantages and Benefits of Getting Your Roof Replaced

-Repairing your roof when required, will assure safety for your family and your home.
-Will add resale value to your home when you are ready to sale
-Will help lower your energy bills dramatically
-Adds curb appeal to your home
-Return on Investment
-Comfort and security

Tip: If you are experiencing any of the above issues listed to be safe it is highly recommended to contact a professional roof replacement expert to assist you in replacing your roof.